An affordable solution to run digital signage on unsupported TVs

We have built apps that run on TVS that run Android & WebOS operating systems. These are the most common (noncommercial) TVs used for digital signage – based on the newer resolutions and technologies from 2023. They are readily available (and affordable compared to commercial options) for use in bars, clubs, pubs and breweries.

Android TV Digital Signage

View the app on Google play to remotly install on to your TV

Click here
LG WebOS Digital Signage

View the app on LG's content store to remotly install on to your TV

Click here
Mibox computer for digital signage

If your existing screens do not run WebOS or Android operating systems,
you will require a digital signage player (mini computer).
We offer a preconfigured MiBox S player, which is 4K HDR,
runs Android and comes with remote.
Simply plug this into your TV, and plug into power.

The below list shows the different categories of TVs.


running WebOS

web OS

Android TVs

running Android OS

Android TV

All other TVs

whether 'smart' or 'dumb'

Smart TV
Requires 'player' plugged in to HDMI port
Supports HD (720p) TVs Requires Player
Supports Full HD (1080p) TVs
Supports Ultra HD / 4K (2160p) TVs

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