Lifetime free beer list / beer menus for venues

Beer Crawl (a division of Crawl Media) has been in development since 2012.
We don’t have the user base yet, but that will soon change.
We have been focusing on providing a feature packed solution catered for beer lovers and venues alike.
We do this with LIFETIME free services. And no, there isn’t a catch.
We monitise from our innovative product line up such as our Digital Decals and Wireless KegScales .
MVP does not resonate in our ethos, we are committed to building systems and innovating new features.

Beer Crawl offers all venues a class leading beer list menu to show patrons what you have on (taps and packaged) and what’s coming up. Nothing new in this space, however we do it with visual customisation in mind – without the pungent branding our our business.
Our - FAST - Bar Management System is easy to use and beers can beer managed in a jiffy!


Website Integration

Simple Website Integration
Simply login to your 100% LIFETIME free venue listing, copy some code and paste it into your website.

Customisable beer menu

Allow filters, set theme (Light or dark mode), customize links. Responsive design ensures the beer list menu will look the part on any device.

social media beer list

Social Media Generator
Click one button to create Facebook and Instagram specific sized images of your beer list to post on social media

Print Beer List menus

Print Menu
Appreciate the tactile approach? We do – That’s why we made a fully customizable ‘print menu’ option so you can simply click one button to generate a PDF, then print it to put in your menus.

glass sizes

Glass Sizes
Assign the glass sizes you serve. Done once during setup, this allows prices to be added and standard drinks to be generated. If a price isn't added for a beer, the glass size won't show as available.

beer standard drinks caculator

Standard Drinks
Automatically generated when you assign a beer to tap. This allows customers to make a quick choice - very helpful especially if they are driving.

happy hour pricing

Happy Hour Pricing
Simply set discount (percentage or dollar value) and set time range. The decals will automatically update and display notification text at bottom.

public holiday pricing

Public Holiday Pricing
Simply set a surcharge (percentage or dollar value) and activate. The decals will automatically update and display notification text at bottom.

beer standard drinks caculator

You can add slides with customisable durations. This allows the allocated real estate to also show promotions in the form of downloadable images and videos.

qr code for beer details

QR Code
Allow patrons to quickly pull up details of the beer on tap!


Temporarily Unavailable
Simply tick a button to show customers what beer is usually on a specific tap, but is currently not available.

Website Integration

HD Video
We support high Resolution Beer Decal Videos - Brand Activation at it's best.

100% Australian Made

We are 100% Australian thinkers and doers. Evely line of code is proudly made in Australia.
We believe in supporting local jobs. Not just about our bottom line.