Live Menu Digital Signage

Free to try, just log into your Beer Crawl account and start customizing screens!
If you are happy with what you see, simply signup to a subscription, on payment “DEMO” is removed!
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Proudly Australian made and owned, we employ 100 % local staff and contractors.
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Live Menu Subscription

1-3 screens

$30 per month

4-8 screens

$55 per month

9+ screens

$80 per month

Own / manage advertisement space
App for Android TV or WebOS (LG TVs)
Use of Canva templates for non beer menus
Social media beer list generator
Print Menus
Max slides per screen 8 8 8
Cost of Player (for non Android or LG WebOS TVs') $120 $120 $120
Minium contract 30 days 30 days 30 days
Payment CC via Beer Crawl CC via Beer Crawl CC via Beer Crawl

Please Note

  1. Prices do not include GST or delivery.
  2. Payments are taken automatically at 1-month intervals via STRIPE.
  3. Missed payments will be given a 7 day 'grace period - with automated emails. After 7 days of non payment, the devices will be locked with "SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED"
  4. By cancelling your subscription the devices will be locked with "SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED".
  5. Upgrading your subscription: Please note that this takes another initial payment for the new subscription amount, regardless of how recently a subscription payment was taken (ie. if you are 2 weeks into your $40 per month subscription, and you upgrade to an $80 per month subscription, you will be charged $80 and your month will start again).